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Take part in the GROW Observatory

Are you interested in growing healthier food, building better soil, learning more about sustainable practices, and by working together to validate the latest European Space Agency satellites to help society to adapt to extreme climate events?

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Are you interested in…


Whatever your scale, location or experience, your food production can benefit, and you can make a difference.


Help us address science challenges and data gaps, from creating soil maps to enhancing climate prediction models and earth observation from satellites.


Together we will build evidence to support policy change towards sustainable land practices.

…then GROW is looking for you

A European-wide project engaging thousands of growers, scientists and others passionate about the land. We will discover together, using simple tools to better manage soil and grow food, while contributing to vital scientific environmental monitoring.

How does it work?

Discover amazing people

Connect with other growers, scientists and others passionate about the land and access information from world leaders in growing.

Experiment and share stories

Learn how to test and validate, growing and earth monitoring methods, through citizen science experiments. Share your new growing stories with the community.

Grow better soil

Share and use land, soil, crop, planting and water resource information that will help you (and us all together) make decisions about smart and sustainable user of land and soil to produce food.

Get involved!

Interested in building better soil, helping science with vital environmental monitoring, or just interested in sustainable food practices?

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